Virat Kohli takes massive decision on Sourav Ganguly after Handshake Refusal

Virat Kohli, the RCB batter played a pivotal part in his team’s win. Sourav Ganguly, the DOC of Delhi Capitals saw his team slip to 5th consecutive defeat. The entire nation knows the rift between Ganguly and Kohli. And it was the latter who ignited the bad blood again after the win.

Kohli was seen refusing to do the post-match customary handshakes with Sourav Ganguly. After the match, Kohli didn’t want to exchange pleasantries with Ganguly despite Ricky Ponting’s suggestion.

It was a baffling moment for cricket lovers as two of India’s finest cricketers still seemed at odds with each other. And after the handshake refusal, Virat Kohli has taken another action, this time on social media.

Virat Kohli has unfollowed Sourav Ganguly on Instagram. The RCB player seems to have removed Ganguly from his following list after the incident took place.

Kohli used to follow 276 Instagram accounts and Sourav Ganguly was one of them. But his following count has gone down to 275 and the former BCCI president is not there in the list anymore.

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