Todd and Julie Chrisley Fought About His Lies Before Prison Sentence

Todd and Julie Chrisley.
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Addressing their issues? Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley haven’t mentioned their prison sentence on their reality series — but the couple did document their ups and downs amid legal woes.

During the season 10 premiere of Chrisley Knows Best, which premiered on Monday, February 6, Todd, 53, and Julie, 50, found themselves at odds while moving into a new home.

“Being married to Todd means you’re never going to call a place home for very long,” Julie said in a confessional, referring to the pair’s third move in the past year. “It keeps me stressed and unsettled. And the only reason I agreed to move into this new house is because it was turn-key. I’m just excited to move in, unpack, and be done.”

Meanwhile, the real estate mogul didn’t tell his wife before tearing out parts of their new home. “Julie, listen, it’s like if you go have your eyes done, then you realize you need to have your neck done. And then you need to have an upper lift and a lower lift,” he explained after he “gutted” the new property.

In response, Julie called her husband out for keeping information from her. “Why did you lie to me?” she asked, to which Todd replied, “OK, let’s find a question that’s a little easier.”

For the South Carolina native, it was frustrating to be misled by Todd. “I’m just done with it. I’m over it. I feel like we are at a stage of our life where we need to find where we’re going to settle,” she continued. “I want Grayson to be settled the last few years he’s at home before he goes to college. Chloe is nine. She likes stability. Not doing a house and selling it and moving to another one and selling it. I’m just tired of that. And not to mention, you lied to me, Todd.”

By the end of the episode, the reality couple are able to work out their differences. The USA Network series, however, did not mention Todd and Julie’s recent offscreen legal troubles.

The duo, who share kids Chase, Savannah, Grayson and Chloe, were indicted in 2019 on charges of tax evasion, bank and wire fraud and conspiracy. After being found guilty in June 2022, Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison while his wife received a seven-year sentence behind bars.

Amid their legal woes, the TV personalities have continued to maintain their innocence.

“Yesterday was a difficult day for the Chrisley family,” the pair’s attorney, Alex Little, said in a statement to Us Weekly in November 2022, shortly after Todd and Julie were issued their respective prison sentences. “But Todd and Julie are people of faith, and that faith gives them strength as they appeal their convictions.”

Before reporting to prison to serve out his sentence, Todd reflected on the major life change.

“I think that that’s why I’m in a better place with it, because I know that this is not my final destination,” he detailed during a prerecorded January episode of “Chrisley Confessions” podcast, which was posted one day after he arrived at the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida. “I know that this may be my future for a minute, but I also have faith that the judicial system is going to turn it around. I also have faith that the appellate court is going to see this for what it is.”

He concluded: “The legal system, which we’ve never been a part of until now, is a very complex system that we just are still learning and we don’t know, which is why we have all these attorneys that work for us. You just have to hope and pray to God that when one division of the judicial system fails, that the next level, which is the appellate court, sees the mistakes and tries to correct those mistakes.”

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