Susan Rice to Step Down as Biden’s Domestic Policy Adviser

Susan Rice, President Biden’s domestic policy adviser, will step down next month after overseeing some of the administration’s most polarizing issues, including gun control, student loan relief and immigration, the White House announced on Monday.

“As the only person to serve as both national security adviser and domestic policy adviser, Susan’s record of public service makes history,” Mr. Biden said in a statement. “But what sets her apart as a leader and colleague is the seriousness with which she takes her role and the urgency and tenacity she brings, her bias towards action and results, and the integrity, humility and humor with which she does this work.”

The news of Ms. Rice’s departure was reported earlier by NBC News.

During more than two years in office, she worked on Mr. Biden’s student loan cancellation plan, a police reform executive order and a policy to cap the price of insulin at $35. She also worked on a plan to pardon thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession and advance Mr. Biden’s racial equity agenda.

Ms. Rice will step down on May 26, as the Biden administration is expected to lift a Trump-era public health rule that has empowered it to expel thousands of migrants. The New York Times reported last week that Ms. Rice’s team was warned in 2021 that migrant children were working alongside their sponsors, a sign of human trafficking, and did not take sufficient action, according to people familiar with the matter.

The White House has disputed that Ms. Rice saw that warning.

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