Sachin Tendulkar Turns 50: Yuvraj Singh reveals the sport where ‘you can’t beat him’

As the India legend celebrates his birthday, his former India teammate Yuvraj Singh revealed some fantastic anecdotes about him. Yuvraj, one of Sachin’s closest teammates, has a jovial relationship with the master and talked about Tendulkar on the special day.

Yuvraj made a series of Tweets wishing Sachin a Happy Birthday, and recalled his best moments with the great India batter.

“Lots and lots of love and good wishes on your special day! May you live long, live healthy and live happy!,” Yuvraj tweeted.

Yuvraj also poured an extended message for the Indian legend and thanked him for being a stalwart and wished him all well on completion of 50 years.

“The legend of legends, he has always been there as a team mate, a friend, a mentor and an elder brother! To our very own GOAT 🐐, wishing you a very happy 50th Master and here’s looking forward to the next 50!,” another tweet of Yuvraj read.

You just can’t beat Sachin: Yuvraj

Then in a video, Yuvraj shared all of the funniest things about Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin was a master in cricket as the entire world acknowledges, but Yuvraj revealed another sport in which Tendulkar was equally competitive and unbeatable.

“You can’t beat him in table tennis, no matter HOW Hard you try,” Yuvraj said in the video.

He also met Tendulkar in a recent meeting where he asked Tendulkar about his 50th birthday, but the master replied cheekily, “No, it’s my 25th birthday”.

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