Ravi Ashwin loses temper in Chennai event, calls to ‘take away’ Mobiles

And upon being asked the question, the India and Rajasthan bowler gave away his cool and asked the reporters of indulging in controversy. Tamil Nadu has recently imposed ban on all kind of online gambling including Poker and Rummy games.

“Do you want the truth or a headline,” asked Ashwin, replying to the question.

Ashwin was asked about the connection between cricket and online gambling, and whether the open marketing of the fantasy and gambling platforms through multiple cricket events are promoting the urge of gambling. But the Royals player has a different view of that.

He said the invention of mobile and the current online games are the reason why children don’t go to the cricket field anymore. He also suggested to ‘take away’ all the mobile phones from children so they can get a real taste of life and sports. The India player also confirmed he will be happy to promote any step which encourages children and adolescents to play cricket.

“It is impertinent to the place and the position. I’m here to address something but you are trying to drive in a controversy. It’s not fair,” Ashwin added.

Rajasthan Royals are up against Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2023 on Wednesday (April 12). Ashwin, who used to play for CSK and hails from Tamil Nadu, will be playing in the opposite colours at the MA Chidambaram stadium.

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