‘Players must accept commentators criticism’, opines RR batter Jos Buttler

In recent years, there is a subtle duel between the commentators and the players. Sometimes the commentators criticise the players which have gone on to tarnish personal relations. Recently Simon Doull had a backlash in Pakistan after criticising Babar Azam in PSL.

But Jos Buttler believes the players must have the integrity to accept the opinions and move on without any hard feelings.

“Acceptance is a big part. Accepting that broadcaster pays someone to give their opinion. They’re just doing their job. It’s not a personal attack on me when they criticise me,” Buttler said during an interview with Humans of Bombay.

Buttler hails from England and his country is the biggest hub of domestic football league. Premier League is the greatest football league in the world and the player has familiarity with criticism growing up watching football. And he compared that with cricket and says it is only normal.

“I watch football and go ‘oh how did he miss that?! ‘So easy. That’s exactly what people are doing when I drop a catch or go for a low score. I do exactly same thing without realising while watching other sports. Just acceptance,” he added.

The Englishman has been the heartbeat of the Rajasthan Royals. Since joining them, Buttler has cemented his place and is now one of the first names on the team sheet. But it seems he still has a soft spot for Mumbai Indians and Wankhede Stadium.

When asked about his favourite venue in India, Buttler said, “Love Jaipur, but have a soft spot for Mumbai as well, my first team. Was with MI for two seasons. Wankhede is my favourite stadium in India.”

The craze of the game of cricket in India is on a different level. IPL in the past decade or so has seen enormous support and it has become a huge part of India’s sports-loving people. And Buttler is amazed by the craze of IPL and says he can only compare it with the English Premier League back at his home.

“It is like nothing else, the way Indian players are adored and supported, the level of fame is incredible. The only thing that (I) can link it to is football in England. It is fascinating watching how they deal with it, the media scrutiny. It is a privilege as well,” he added.

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