IPL 2023: Penalise 6 Runs – Ben Stokes’ Advice For Non-Striker Gaining Unfair Advantage To Complete Run

In Lucknow Super Giants’ 1-wicket win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, Ravi Bishnoi, who was at the non-striker’s end, seemed to gain an unfair advantage in the last two balls of the match. It was in fact, Bishnoi’s quick run to complete a bye that sealed LSG’s win.

Ben Stokes on non striker gaining unfair advantage

Bishnoi was warned by Harshal Patel on the fifth delivery of the match, but the LSG batter continued to gain a few yards even in the final delivery of the match.

There has been much debate on the topic of mankading since Ravichandran Ashwin ran out Jos Buttler in an earlier season of IPL. While the law of the game has plainly said, it should be considered a run out, there is still some disagreement.

Following the match, commentator Harsha Bhogle pointed out about the incident. As Bishnoi’s unfair advantage handed LSG a straightforward result rather than the game going to the Super Over when Harshal attempted to run out the non striker.

“Bishnoi was leaving his crease early. Any silly people out there still saying you shouldn’t run the non-striker out?” Bhogle posted on his social media account.

In response to Bhogle, Stokes said the decision should be with the umpire, who should penalise the batting side 6 runs if the non-striker is deemed to gain an unfair advantage, and the all-rounder feels that may put an end to this controversy.

“Thought’s Harsha? Umpires discretion.. 6 penalty runs if obviously trying to gain unfair advantage by leaving crease early? Would stop batters doing it without all the controversy,” Stokes replied to Bhogle’s tweet.

Another journalist Peter Della Penna, who has been against the non-strikers gaining advantage, also shared his thoughts in a series of tweets as he showcases how many yards Bishnoi gained before the ball was delivered.

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