IPL 2023: Groundstaff touches MS Dhoni feet, seeks Blessing – Watch

CSK won the match comfortably as the ground was reverberating with Dhoni! Dhoni! chant, and after the match, a ground staff was seen running to MS Dhoni.

The ground staff went to the CSK captain and touched his feet. A snap of the ground staff touching Dhoni’s feet has gone viral on social media and the internet. MS Dhoni is a beloved character and the entire country adores the former India player.

He is taken his popularity to a different level through his achievements and Saturday saw another example of the love the entire generation has for the 41-year-old.

Dhoni was also seen taking a picture with the Wankhede support staff after the match. The simple yet heartwarming gesture of MS was also captured and won the hearts of the netizens.

The modesty of that person even after reaching the top of the world is quite enviable and admirable. MS Dhoni’s team on the field have roared back after their opening-day defeat against Gujarat Titans. They have won back-to-back matches and are now on 4 points after three matches.

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