‘I cry’, RCB Legend AB de Villiers admits crying while wife spills the marraige beans

De Villiers’ love crossed the boundary line, quite literally, when he proposed marriage to his partner Danielle in 2012 at the Taj Mahal. Now, many happily married years later, the two appeared together on JioCinema’s IPL show.

The easy-paced show was hosted on JioCinema’s Hangout feed by RJ turned actor and anchor Mantra, former Indian cricketer Reema Malhotra, and Danish Sait. During the appearance, AB de Villiers and Danielle were game to spill the beans on each other and their relationship when they played a fun segment of Who’s More Likely To?

To everyone’s surprise, AB revealed he cries during movies while talking about watching Gladiator during the segment.

“I cry in every second movie! I was watching Gladiator for the twelfth time with my kids the other day, there was a bit of violence, so I had to close their eyes from time to time. I got a tear in my eye that day,” De Villiers said.

AB and Danielle then gave a lesson to everyone on conflict resolution while in a relationship. The South African cricketing icon revealed that they occasionally have small fights which he is possibly guilty of starting, but then Danielle gave the formula behind their harmonious marriage.

“He lets a lot of things slide, so he’ll keep quiet and let it slide. But after a while, he’ll say ‘Let’s quickly talk’. We are quite good at that now, we talk about it and then it’s over,” she concluded.

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